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Ariel and her brother Mete Han were surrendered due to allergies in the family. They are bonded and looking for a home together. Mete Han is much more shy and retiring than Ariel. Mete Han needs an owner who will give him a lot of attention and love to build up his confidence. He can be scared around sudden movements and loud noises. He would thrive in a cat-loving household if only someone would give him a chance. Ariel is a quiet, sweet cat. She is on the shy side but is friendly and enjoys being petted. She loves to play and she especially loves treats. We think they have bad experience with kids and/or dogs being too rough with them in the past, so they are looking for an adult home with no other animals (but each other!). Please give these sweet shy babies a second chance!




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Boots (gray and white) and her brother Tony (brown and white) were rescued from the street after the death of their owner. The person who has been taking care of them is moving and can no longer care for them, so they are looking for a new home together. They are a smart, quiet, content, easy-going pair. They like to nap in a sunny window.


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Chessie has all the charm and personality you could ask for in one big kitty. He knows just how cute he is and is happy to show off to everyone. He loves to be around people and likes being the center of attention. He acts just like a dog and comes right over to you for lots of affection and petting. He also doesn’t mind being held. He is curious and playful, but also enjoys a good cuddle or nap. He would be fine as a solo cat, or with another cat or a dog. He likes to play with other cats, and mostly ignores dogs when he meets them. This outgoing boy is also quite the talker, happy to tell you what he wants, which is usually more food or attention. He really likes his food too, eating is probably his second favorite thing after getting all the attention that he wants. Chessie can’t wait to find his forever home where he can have someone to cuddle with, play with and give him all of the attention he deserves. He is bonded with his friend Handsome, so they are looking for a home together.

Handsome likes to have his head rubbed and will repay you by kissing your arm.  He loves being brushed and cat treats.  He has the cutest little face and he just loves attention.  He gives head butts and loves his little toy furry mouse.  He is like a big baby.  Handsome is bonded with his friend Chessie, and they are looking for a home together. They get along well with other cats too!



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Sam is an approximately 1-year old, domestic shorthair cat that has a kind and gentle personality around all people, including adults and small children.  Abandoned by his mother at 2 weeks old, Sam has been raised by people at a young age and is very comfortable being touched, petted, and picked up by anyone -- both familiar and unfamiliar people.  Sam communicates very clearly, as he routinely purrs when playing and touched by others; with a soft, fluffy coat, he enjoys being petted.  Adventurous at heart, he enjoys exploring large spaces as well as climbing on cat trees.  When playing with cat toys, Sam is an excellent jumper and runner. Sam is super affectionate, and loving. He is bonded to his brother, Dean, and they are looking for a home together.

Dean is a gentle, loving, and affectionate lap cat who prefers to be around quiet people. Abandoned by his mother at 2 weeks old, Dean has been raised by people at a young age and is very comfortable being touched, petted, and carefully picked up by older kids and adults.  He can be timid, but is never aggressive. Dean communicates very clearly, as he routinely purrs when playing and touched by others; with a soft, coarse coat, he enjoys being petted while he sits on people’s laps.  He dislikes loud noises, and would do very well in a household that is quiet, and has minimal loud activities. Dean is bonded with his brother, Sam, and they should be adopted together.






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Nina and Nelly are 2 year old sister Maine Coon mixes. They are very nice girls. They love attention and will come right up to you and rub against you for you to pet them. They are also very playful and will jump and play with toy wands.


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Gracie is as sweet as can be! She loves greeting people when they come to visit her. She does not like dogs, but she does very well with other cats. Gracie is very loving, friendly, curious and playful. She likes wand toys and chasing the laser light. She enjoys being peted and to be in your lap (when it is her idea). She will often sleep with you, but beware, she hogs the bed-haha!! 

Vanna is a very mellow and independent girl. Her favorite place to sleep is on someone's lap. She loves her people, young and old. She's an easygoing young adult cat looking for a forever family.  She's fine with other cats as long as they leave her alone. She ignores the dog in her foster home, as long as he ignores her. If you are looking for a great companion, Vanna is your girl!


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Mustard and his brother Fred came into the shelter as strays. They are looking for a new home together. They are very sweet boys, but a bit shy right now. More information coming soon!


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Mars and Pluto are 1 year old brothers looking for a home together. They would be great family cats. They are very playful and will keep you entertained. They are very affectionate and nosy. They are very funny together and will keep you laughing. They are both adventurous and are mesmerized by the birds flying around outside. They are super playful; but also very cuddly. They love people, cats and dogs.




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Batman is the brother to Robin. They love to play with each other. They will sleep with each other sometimes. Batman loves to find you when you are sitting on the couch. He will get on your lap and sleep. He loves to rub faces with you. He will sometimes lick your face or ear. He loves to have under his chin rubbed or the back of his neck. He likes to be held a short time. He loves laying in the sun when its coming through the windows. He enjoys watching birds and bugs out the window. He will play with toys and laser pointer. He likes to find a really soft fluffy blanket and knead on it and lick the blanket. He is a really sweet loving boy. 

Robin is a cat that loves to follow you around the house. He is always looking for attention from you. He loves to give you head butt kisses. He does not like to be picked up that much. He likes it better when you sit down and he can come rub on you and get you to pet him. He loves to be petted down his back. Robin will sleep with you on the couch or in the bed. Right now he likes to sleep by your head. He will lay down and tuck his tail between his legs and suckle on the tip of his tail. He always looks silly with the tip of his fur wet. He loves playing with his brother Batman. They were adopted together at 12 weeks old. He needs to be re-homed due to owner moving and can’t take him with them.




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Twilight is a very loving cat that loves attention. She loves to snuggle in bed with you or anyone that will let her lay on them. She loves to find you when your laying on the couch and come lay on your lap. She loves playing with other cats. She needs a new home because we are moving and can’t take her with us. She loves to follow you around the house. She is very vocal when wanting attention and when being fed. She was born with only a nub for a tail. She likes to find a place to lay in the house where the sun is shining in. She likes watching out the windows for birds or anything insect she sees. 






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Suay and her brother River are looking for a new home due to a change in living situation of their prior family.  Suay (female) is gentle, more laid back. She's very quiet, and curious. She likes to lay ON a bed...she's very light weight. She loves to have her chest scratched, and will push up with her bottom if you stroke her back. She does have the Siamese trait of bad teeth, so she needs soft food to supplement her diet. She will pounce on River if he's not paying attention. She looks like a Siamese, but is a Snowshoe w/blue eyes. She likes to sleep in her own bed. She enjoys toys and chasing laser pointers. River (male) is VERY outgoing, and will be HEARD when he wants your attention. He can open doors with French style handles...turns on water faucets, and splash in water bowls. He likes to greet people (esp men) at the door, and will eat ribbons (warning at Xmas time!), and you can often find him sleeping on a bed. He weighs a lot more than expected...not fat, just super solid. He is a Korat, and is gray colored with white spot on chest and tummy. When light hits him he looks blue. He has bright green eyes. He is very healthy and strong. Lots of energy, meows loudly and will race through the house...not afraid to stand on your chest and get in your face for attention.  River and Suay have been together for 6 years. They have always been together and cannot be separated. They will thrive together.