Send a Holiday Card to a Kitty in Need.

This holiday season we have serveral kitties who are in need of some extra cheer.

Send them a holiday card with a little something special to brighten their day!happy holidays with funny cat greeting card-rfbb4065a7725460abcccd284ae2596ca xvuak 8byvr 512All you need to do is send a card to the following address with a gift inside for them.

P.O. Box 182

Herndon, VA 20172


Please choose from the following kitties in need to send it to:


Sweet senior Serena suffers from hyperthyroidism and cancer.



Gorgeous Gatsby suffers from a injury to his backside causing him to need deobstipation procedures.



Egyptian Ollie was assulted and the result left him with his back side cut open. The way in which it healed causes him to need deobstipation procedures.

ollie after 2


Loving Rocky was let down by hiw owners who abandoned him outside and he was attacked by a coyote. He is still undergoing laser treatments to help his would close and is looking at a skin graft surgery.

rocky before


Mellow Mel had a very rough time with a severe upper respiratory infection. After going through all his treatment, including a feeding tube, he is now healthy and waiting anxiously for his forever home.

mel before