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FIV+ cats face a completely unnecessary stigma, which renders them less likely to be adopted. Some facilities are unaware of newer long-term studies that have shown that FIV+ cats can live happily and healthily with negative cats, so long as all are fixed and friendly. We have a long history of advocating for FIV+ cats, and we'd like to give them an extra boost before kitten season sets in, so we are lowering our adoption fee for all FIV+ cats to $60. If you're considering adding a feline family member to your household, consider a positive kitty - they often wait longer for homes for no good reason at all. If you'd like more information on FIV or to see the research we mentioned, send us a private message, and we'd be glad to talk to you.

Hugo, seen above, is an incredibly adorable, loving cat. He would love to go to a home with a canine friend to romp and play with. Find out more about Hugo here:


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